Group Leaders

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  • Free customized promotional flyers.
  • Co-op promotion, i.e. Travel party / Power Point presentations.
  • Group Leader functions.
  • Group Leader FAMS
  • Earned space on Scheduled as well as Customized tours.

Who are invited to participate in FAMS?

Group Leaders who will promote the destination to their groups and have the potential to return to the destination with a group.

Earned space
Scheduled tours

  • All motorcoach tours offer one earned trip per 13 paying passengers, 2 earned with 25 paying and 3 earned with 40 paying. Maximum of 3 earned per tour.
  • 50% discount off your tip with 10 paying passengers.
  • 25% discount off your trip with 6 paying passengers.
  • Air / cruise tours offer generous incentives but are tour specific. Each tour will have earned and discount amounts specific to that tour.

Customized tours

Group leader determines number of earned trips.

Promotions, Incentives, and Benefits

Group Leader Promotions

Group Leader Incentives and Benefits